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Here are our rules for groups. It’s a little boring … but it may be able to answer to some of your questions, here it is:

Thank you for choosing “La Pinte de Lys” at the Sciernes d’Albeuve to find yourself in a group.
It is with great pleasure that we can welcome you before the date of reservation to visit the places.
Our establishment is an old restaurant and bistro, so there is all the place you want for you to install, eat and find yourself with your family. We also have a small lounge on the 2nd floor with a view beautiful on the Pre-Alps in which you will find games and books for young children. Our pretty terrace with table for 20 people is facing south. So you have a lot of space for you find in group.

The Wifi code is: caroline

Check-in: 16h-18h30, an arrangement can be found outside this time.
We have no restaurant or shop in the village. However, all the neighboring villages have restaurants and local stores.
Every morning our excellent baker comes to deliver us at home around 7h45-8h. You can contact him watch for your order (026 928 11 27, attention shops close at 16h on Saturday in the canton of Friborg), it also delivers various groceries (fruits, vegetables, ham, drinks, …).
The cheesemongers (gourmet area 026 928 10 11) of our valley (low price) also lend the caquelons fondue or raclette ovens and are open on Sunday mornings for restitution.
Private parking is available in front of the property.
We lend free snowshoes for the group. We have about 10 pairs.
If you come by train (station Les Sciernes on the route of the MOB panoramic train) thank you to inform me for that I give you useful information.
You have available for us for 20 people in our new kitchen since early March 2018:

• 2 kitchen linens
• Dishwasher and 1 tablet of dishwasher powder
• Wine glasses
• Cardinal beer glasses
• Water glasses / coca + some cups for children
• Champagne flutes
• Coffee cups + some mismatched tea cups
• Multiple glasses with Belgian special beers.
• dinner plates + soup plates + dessert plates
• Knives, forks, a few soup spoons, teaspoons. Plastic cups for children.
• Various stoves and pans
• 2 carafes and 1 tea pot
• Colanders
• Trays
• Cutting boards
• Various kitchen utensils: peeler, corkscrew, bottle opener, …
• Salt, pepper, sugar, raclette spices (no oil, vinegar, spices, etc.)
• 1 coffee machine with whole grains
• 2 fondue pots and fondue forks
• 1 calender-pain
• 1 microwave
• 1 electric
• 1 four
• 1 dishwasher
• 4 cooking hobs (+ 2 mobiles, on request, including one induction).
• CD sound system with Jack plug
• 1 piano
• 1 Babyfoot
• 1 garbage bag from the municipality

Our family home is contiguous, so we are not far to answer your questions or you troubleshoot for equipment (serving dishes, colander, …)
Be sure to take what is noted in bold above if your use is for a large group.
A fridge with drawers under the bar is also available to refrigerate food. It is never connected but we can connect it on request.
A beer pump is present. You can use it (extra 60 fr for professional cleaning) with request before your arrival to warn you of the compatibility to buy the appropriate beer keg.
Cleaning of rooms and common areas is included in the price. At your departure, you are asked to put the chairs on the tables to facilitate cleaning.
Regarding the rate, we can accommodate only 9 people in rooms with sanitary upstairs at 35fr / pers (we have a room of 4, a triple room and a small room with 2 non-contiguous beds). We can therefore complement with rooms with private bathroom at 50fr / pers for extra guests (we have 4 double rooms).
For groups, I also do 10% discount on the 2nd night, 20% on the 3rd night, 30% on the 4th, etc.
We propose to the groups a formula lodging at the cheaper price if you come with your own sheets, linen, …
Since we have guest houses, we can not always guarantee exclusivity of parties
common if you are less than 16 pers. However, from a booking of 16 people, you book virtually all rooms, so we privatize all common areas.
This is therefore for all rooms including 4 rooms with private bathroom, the dining room, the kitchen, the small living room, … to:

• 630 chf for the first night formula lodging without linen and linen for an occupation up to 20 pers (supplement of 10 chf / pers with the bedding cdd 780 fr pr 15 pers, 830 fr for 20 pers),
• 567 chf for the 2nd night formula lodging without sheets nor linen for an occupation up to 20 pers (supplement of 10 chf / pers with the bedding cd for 15 pers, 767 fr for 20 pers),
• 504 chf for the 3rd night formula lodging without linen and linen for an occupation up to 20 pers (supplement of 10 chf / pers with the bed linen cd for 15 pers, 704 fr for 20 pers),
• 441 chf for the 4th night formula lodging without sheets nor linen for an occupation up to 20 pers (supplement of 10 chf / pers with the bedding cdd for 15 people, 641 fr for 20 pers),
• 378 chf for the 5th night formula lodging without linen and linen for an occupation up to 20 pers (supplement of 10 chf / pers with the bedding cd for 15 people, 578 fr for 20 pers),
• 315 chf for the 6th night formula without bed linen and linen for an occupancy up to 20 people (supplement of 10 chf / pers with bedding cd for 15 pers, 515 fr for 20 pers),
• 252 chf for the 7th night formula lodging without sheets nor linen for an occupation until 20 pers

Please note that in this amount, there are sometimes charges that are charged to us if you go through an intermediary site.
These fees are paid to them and not to us.
If you opt for the lodging formula, it is forbidden to sleep without sheets to protect the mattress or pillowcases.
Any additional outdoor person in the establishment during the day, evening or meals can not come with prior agreement and for a fee.
Pets are not allowed in the property, unless previously agreed.
Noise: In summer, the windows must remain closed in case of music in order to respect the neighborhood. Smokers
will also respect the quiet and peaceful village and will smoke late in the evening rather on the parking space facing the garage. From midnight the music will be lowered and from 1h the music will be off, you however, you may continue to occupy the premises at your leisure after this time.
We have a garbage bag of our common at reasonable disposal for our guests, we will take care of evacuate, any surplus is to take away by your care.
Thank you for bringing your empties of empty bottles, we keep only the full ones.
Check-out: 10h if you take the breakfast buffet prepared by us (10fr / pers) 11h if you organize breakfast yourself.
Any late check out is possible with prior agreement depending on the possibilities.
We do not have a card device for payment.
A few days before your arrival, can you tell me:

• Your approximate arrival time.
• If you want breakfast buffet in the morning (+ 10chf / pers)?
• If the formula without sheets suits you for all rooms.
Also note that we do not have a credit card device, thank you for your understanding.
I propose to my guests, a bracelet / Pass giving access to discounts in different places (chocolate shop Cailler, Castle Gruyères, museums, cheese, …). This bracelet is free and nominative, I invite you to consult the site and if you are interested, thank you to inform me before your coming so that I can make the order.
I take this opportunity to send you also the site Gruyère tourism if you want to consult the events during your stay, from friborg region, as well the regional nature park of which our village is part
Have fun, feel at home … like home?

Caroline and Louis Henrotin
The Pint of Lilies
Place de la Chapelle 2
1669 The Sciernes d’Albeuve (new website made by our son Max 15 years old and open to the public since March 2018)
+41 79 551 91 57 (portable)
+41 26 928 12 70 (fixed)
+41 79 792 32 13 (Louis in case of emergency)

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